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(2020 Edition)
Before we turn the page to the next chapter ,
what have we learned of Thailand's history of conflicts over these ten years ?
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The performance that records and collages contemporary incidents, from the 2010 Red Shirt movement to the 2020 Khana Ratsadon or the New Citizen Movement. 

FLU-FOOL probes into and plays with truth, hoax, mystery, and the ever-bystanders.


The first part "FLU", short for 'Flu-O-Less-Sense', is a chapter that records what happened in the middle of 2010 when a severe contagion seemed to plague the whole society save for the rescue(?) by the CRES (Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation). Yet, the ailment hit us so painfully that we had to ask what was left to make any sense of.


And if that's not blindingly bright enough like fluorescence, then welcome to the second part "FOOL", short for Fool Alright, where we'll dance our collage of foolishness away. Fools? Fooled? Alright! ...well, yes it IS okay!.

5, 6, 11, 12, and 13 December, 2020.  Only 5 performances
Time: 19.00 hrs.
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes (15-minute intermission)

at Studio on the 4th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)


General public - 700 THB
Students : 550 THB
Groups of ten or more - 500 THB/person



Call : 094-494-5104

Facebook : B-floor theatre


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