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Nana Dakin






Nana Dakin earned her B.A in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and M.F.A in Theatre Directing from Columbia University in New York. She has been a core member of B-Floor Theatre since 2008. Her directorial work with B-Floor includes “Begin Again” (2009), “Damage Joy” (2011, 2019), “The Last Gasp of a Mournful Heart” (2013) co-directed with Vidura Amranand and “Survival Games” (2013) co-directed with Teerawat Mulvilai. Both “Begin Again” (2009) and “Damage Joy” (2011) were ranked in the top five theatre productions of that year by the Bangkok Post. 


She has performed with B-Floor in Thailand, Japan and the USA, most notably in “Flu-O-Less-Sense,” (2010), “Flu-Fool”(2011), “Taste of Curry” (2011, 2012), “Lear and His 3 Daughters” (2012), and "Oxygen" (2012). She has also worked as an assistant director, producer and international coordinator and project manager for many B-Floor productions. Her ensemble performance in “Oxygen” (2012) received the Best Ensemble Performance Award by the Thai Section of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC – Thailand). Moreover, in ranking the top ten productions of the decade The Bangkok Post listed "Flu-Fool" (2011) in the top five and "Lear and His 3 Daughters" (2012), which she also produced, in the top ten. Outside of her work with B-Floor, she has also performed with other Thai theatre artists and been featured in Thai TV commercials and the international films "Suddenly It's Magic" (2012) and "Patong Girl" (2014).


Nana is currently based in New York City. Her directing work outside of B-Floor includes “White Pearl” (The Royal Court Theatre, London), "Love Letter to A Seed" (Clubbed Thumb Winterworks) an all-female and non-binary production of Shakespeare’s “Richard III” (Lenfest Center for the Arts). New work development includes "Golden Shield" by Anchuli Felicia King, a finalist for the 2020 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. She is an Associate Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC), and President of the Board of Directors for the Thai Theatre Foundation. She is a 2020/21 Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow and in the 2020/21 Civilians R&D Group. She was a 2050 NYTW Directing Fellow in 2018/19. 


Nana is trained in directing, dramaturgy, Viewpoints, and Laban Effort Qualities. She has been invited to speak at conferences and events in Thailand, Singapore, the U.K, and Brazil. She has also taught directing, devising and creative movement workshops in Thailand, the U.K and the U.S.  

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