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DATE : 1999




 Teerawat Mulvilai 

 Tawit Keitprapai

 Teerawat Mulvilai

 Wanlop Sangjoy

 Kwanchai Thongraya 

 Bandit Kaewwanna 

 Jaa Phantachat  

 Sineenadh Keiprapai 

 Sumontha Suanpholrat

 Farida Jiraphan 

 Piluntanee Jarayaphan 

 Pruksa Roongsang.

Ornanong Thaisriwong, a B-Floor Theater artist is back this year with a new solo performance to premiere at Democrazy TheAtre Studio. She is well remembered for "Bang-La-Merd", a theater piece that tackled freedom of expression of artists and citizens and shook many in 2015. For this work, Ornanong was selected as one of 100 nominees of the Freedom of Expression Award by the UK-based Index of Censorship. This year, Ornanong returns with her signature in subtly reflecting social happenings in her homeland through the lens of "humanity" using the form of performing arts. 

On 8th-20th January 2018, Ornanong invites you to travel to "Sawan Arcade," an area of performance where you can explore the paradise (in Thai - sawan) that surrounds us all. Who owns this paradise? Does it belong to anyone? If you or your beloved was eliminated from this place so that it could still be called "Sawan Arcade," would you still call it a paradise yourself? And how much humanity is there in this arcade of paradise? These questions are given to us all as we travel into this heavenly place together. 

When waves of fragility thrust, and a mass of insecurity takes shape within, how do we as human beings handle our own and others' vulnerability? 

Although Ornanong "Golf" Thaisriwong and her work "Bang La Merd" have made the artist publicly known for her social perspectives, especially since military officers closely monitored the show and, in turn, drew attention from several international news agency such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, CCTV, etc., Ornanong remained for the theater world an outstanding actress with unmistakable capability in shifting characters and unique acting rhythms. 

With over 10 years of experience, Ornanong has been performing continuously both in Thailand and internationally. She was awarded Best Actress at the Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2009, Best Actress for her performance in "Madam Anna, Nipples, Macaron, Ponyangkam, and Basic Education" at the 18th Short Film Festival, and Best Original Script of a Play / Performance by the International Association of Theatre Critics (Thailand) for her previous solo performance "Bang La Merd". 

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