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“A Midsummer Night’s Dream" From a well-known humorous and mirthfulness play written by William Shakespears, a story will be retold again with gigantic puppets and musical play.


B- Floor Theatre and Dee-ng Present “What's left: Resonance from the Discarded”

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Developed from “Trance I: The (Un)Governed Body,” which was staged in May 2018 as a work-in-progress performance. Trance was born out of the director’s interest in the recent popularity and prevalence of spiritual mediums in Thailand. The (Un)Governed Body widened the concept beyond the issues tackled in the first phase of the process to include issues of memory, identity, and migration.


It’s all very amusing, until you decide it’s not funny anymore


Someone died, they are quiet. Many people died, they’re talking.


streaming moves in waves through the entire BACC and proposes constantly shifting perspectives on the power relations between the different participants.

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