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SAWAN Arcade:
A solo performance by Ornanong

DATE : 8 - 20 January 2018

LOCATION : Democrazy Theatre Studio


Director/ Performer     Ornanong Thaisriwong


Set Designer/ Producer  Dujdao Vadhanapakorn


Movement Dramaturg    Thanaphol Virulhakul


Script Advisor    

Jaa Phantachat


Lighting Designer        Pavinee  Samakabutr


Sound Designer    

Gandhi Wasuvichayagit


Stage Manager    

Tananop  Kanjanawutisit


Stage Crew  

Surat Kaewseekram


Set Builder  

Lapin Laosoonthorn


Technical  Director  

Sarayut Petchsamrit

Costume Designer  

Nicha  Purasamridhi

Ornanong returns with a solo performance with signature in subtly reflecting social happenings in her homeland through the lens of "humanity".
"Sawan Arcade," an area of performance where you can explore the paradise (in Thai - Sawan) that surrounds us all. Who owns this paradise? Does it belong to anyone? If you or your beloved was eliminated from this place so that it could still be called "Sawan Arcade," would you still call it a paradise yourself? And how much humanity is there in this arcade of paradise? These questions are given to us all as we travel into this heavenly place together.
When waves of fragility thrust, and a mass of insecurity takes shape within, how do we as human beings handle our own and others' vulnerability? 


“สวรรค์อาเขต ละครเดี่ยวโดย อรอนงค์"

โดย Happeningbkk

"สวรรค์อาเขต ภาพแสลงเนตรใต้ชายกระโปรง"

โดย กัลปพฤกษ์



โดย Fineart Magazine Thailand


FAR from heaven 

โดย Bangkok Post


“สวรรค์อาเขต ละครเดี่ยวโดย อรอนงค์"
(Sawan Arcade: a solo performance by Ornanong)
by Happeningbkk

​"สวรรค์อาเขต ภาพแสลงเนตรใต้ชายกระโปรง"
Sawan Arcade: Unpleasant Vision Under a Dress
by Kalapapruek
A critic
by Fineart Magazine Thailand

FAR from heaven
by Bangkok Post

Pupe • 7 mins

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