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What's Left : Resonance from the Discarded

DATE : 19 June -  7 July 2019



Director and Performer

Kwin Bhichitkul 

Surat Keawseekram


Dujdao Vadhanapakorn


Beer Yingsuwannachai 

Chanida Punyaneramitdee

Art Director

Jirakit Soonthornlarpyod

Lighting Designer  

Palita Sakulchaivanich

Lighting Operator Phornchanok Sarikacharti

Sound Designer

Jirayu Pranee

Technical Director

Kronchai Meevong

Stage Manager  

Ornanong Meekul

Stage Crews  

Pongsatorn Phutthakhot, Krissada Sawassdee

Maddie Dewse 

Henry Brosnahan


Atikhun Adulpocatorn, Wachara Kanha

Documentary Team Nattawuth Dangsakun, Sittikai Sesuppakonkun


Napak Tricharoendej

What's Left: Resonance from the Discarded
Surat Kaewseekram and Kwin Bhichitkul shared interest in two topics: the remains of animals, and the increasing amount of plastic in the world, which originated the idea for a performance about discarded objects.

Plastic and corpses are things that are left behind to the world - created and then abandoned by their creators. From this idea, “What’s Left” was born. After collecting objects from their daily life during one-year span, these two artists created two pieces of performance and presented as a doublie bill:

In "Soapernatural" by Kwin, he attempts to visualize  the animal corpses he has collected in a year without actually putting any of them on stage.

In "Coherence", Surat tackles the question, “what’s next for the plastic that has already been used” by using his huge collection of plastic over a year.

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