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The establishment of fear in order to control is an invisible yet effective power.

Under it, people choose to limit their own freedom and surrender themselves. 

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I Didn’t Launch a Thousand Ship

Probe that unpretty thing beneath the surface. Inspired by Doctor Faustus' famous line "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?," the performance speaks on behalf of a person who's just not Helen of Troy. 



B-Floor presents a performance for children "The Adventure of YooDee"

“Yoo Dee” is short for the Thai saying “Yoo Dee Mee Suk”

which translates roughly as “being happy in a good environment.” 

the last gasp.jpg

 THE LAST GASP OF A MOURNFUL HEART. Co-directed by Nana Dakin  and Vidura Amranand), this dance performance, starring four female dancers, will explore  the crucial moment of saying goodbye.

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